Auteur/autrice : Nicolas Jacob

Wisinavia is the tale of 7 riders of the Wise team who visited two scandinavian capitals for two weeks during summer 2016. Well, at the beginning the trip was supposed to be 5 riders from France but plans got a bit changed when Helmeri, our…

Losstrip 2 : 8 riders spent two weeks on the road on the west coast of France, visiting 15 skateparks . Featuring Wise riders Jules Couderc, Antoine Delcampe and Nicolas Jacob. Article by Mike

Nico is the symbol of smooth style among Wise riders. You can’t miss his love for bowl riding and his love to let his pegs scrub concrete while cruising around. Nico like to wear sunglasses and caps matching with the rest of his clothes. After spending a lot of time with Jules and Balthazar, Nicolas was a natural add to the team due to his endless motivation and optimism. Nico is a consistent rider who loves to go fast carving bowls or shredding stairsets. Nico’s favourite tricks are manual combos, anytime he’s gliding on his back wheels brakeless, it feels like it’s never going to end and the funny stuff to do while watching him is to picture him riding a motocross full throttle. Get ready for his welcome video mixing tech, speed and gaps!

Timo Autio is a sick young rider from Finland recently added to the Wise team. Welcome Timo!