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Dissidence Street Jam 2016

After that crazy scooter contest in Montreux, everyone was waiting for the Dissidence Street Jam V7 in Paris. We all expected something amazing and a lot of riders came down to ride despite the weather. The jam was canceled on saturday because of the rain to have a chill jam on sunday. Photos by Mathieu De Michiel.

street_jam_dissidence_ruben_rodriguez street_jam_dissidence_maxime_bouzid street_jam_dissidence_lucas_di_meglio street_jam_dissidence_germain_yapi street_jam_dissidence_elliot_arnold

Private jam happened on Saturday at the Dissidence Warehouse. Dissidence even brought a food truck for the occasion. Many crazy pro riders came despite the bad weather and the train problems, including international guests such as Elliot Arnold, Regan Thompson, Dylan Morrisson, Tanner Wilson, Badger Clit. Riders participated to some challenges such as doing the highest sticker slap on the brand new vert wall. The battle was tight between Charles Padel, Porcial and Killian Lahrer. Another great work from Toinou’s ICCH Industries! The wall was so massive that Alexis Letellier put a sticker on the rooftop… and won a whiskey bottle. Then Dissidence set up a contest of the most triple whips landed in flat. Jonathan Perroni, Maël Arnaud and Martin André fought hard for the bottle. But Joey Perroni landed 18 triple whip flats in a row and simply killed it. Then we all witnessed a OUT game between Martin and Jonathan. This was simply a mindfuck, a scoot game straight out of fucking nowhere. Spoiler alert… decade double heel, 360 bri flat, 360 bar condor, decade bar to heel flat… just wait for it the list is too long. After this crazy game of scoot, party went on untill Balth struggled for like one hour to land a wallride ont the brand new quarter and everybody cheered him so loud so he would land his trick. Once landed after many falls and a little nap, everybody went crazy and jumped on Balth and the party went on all night long.

The official event started on saturday aroun 2 PM in front of « La Grande Arche » at La Défense. Jam started with a bunny hop contest that Ruben Rodriguez finally won (Martin forgot about the jam and went eating instead of jumping shoeboxes and Alexis has a dislocated shoulder). Fun fact was that Kenny had a very small kid to fix the stack of shoeboxes when a rider would make it fall as if he was a scooter ballboy. Then the whole crowd would hit the famous V spot. Justin Phillips 50-50 to frontscoot whip was a crazy tech one but more raw tricks went on such as Nelson’s canonball on the gap. Dylan Morrisson came all the way from down under to shred that V and nail a backflip 180° on the gap. Seriously dude! Badger Clit (Ryan Ruegg) who recently got on the Black Pearl team landed a risky fakie 0-spin bar down the V gap, that was quite ballsy since the girder is quite narrow. Maxime Bouzid killed everything with several tricks such a a 540 barspin and a 360 double whip to bar.

The whole jam then went to Nanterre’s 7 stair double rail so everybody could ride. Some tricks had to be mentioned, Lucas Di Meglio killed it again with heel boards combos. Hunter Bechtle hammered the spot with back scooter flip over the rail while Aaron Gourcuff would bar fs board 180 with the classical american TSI + baseball shirt style. Special mention goes to Alexandre Sicre who nailed a perfect fs board decade heel out.

All the kids wanted to watch crazy riders throw down on the massive 18 stair rail. So the whole Dissidence crew (who was not truly motivated by going there) let it go and we finally head there. Elliot Arnold goes straight for the hammer with a board backlip to whip. The crazy appearance from Germain Yappi was short. He rides once a year to try by any mean to win the street jam prize money. His f.s icepick down the 18 rail would have been a winner but he killed himself. Too bad as Didine left him no chance with a massive double peg down the set followed by a double peg to over icepick.

Hunter Bechtle attempts to land a fs board whip lip kind of failed and he landed it too sketchy to be considered as valid… this would have been the winning trick if he’d landed it. Hugo Velter flew over the 18 stairset with such a massive truckdriver while some other random kid would try to fingerwhip with almost no speed and land in the stairs… stupid kid. Maxime Bouzid backlipped the whole rail which was the winner trick from Enzo Commeau two years before. Unfortunately things ended bad with a serious bad fall from Maxime Giraud who fell forward on a board backlip attempt. Scooter brotherhood is something we all have in common and everybody remained quiet for a few second after the pretty bad fall. Emergency came and the crowd was scattered. Prize money was obviously won by Didine for the second year in the row.


Best trick

  • Didine Terchague
  • 50-50 over icepick 18 stairs

Sticker slap

  • Alexis – Porcial – Letellier
  • Rooftop sticker


Bunny Hop contest

  • Ruben Rodriguez
  • 9 Vex shoeboxes

Most triple whips in a row

  • Jonathan Peroni
  • 18 triple whips in a row

Once again, we’d like to thank Dissidence Scooter shop for this amazing weekend! We hope to see all you guys next year.