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Wisinavia is the tale of 7 riders of the Wise team who visited two scandinavian capitals for two weeks during summer 2016. Well, at the beginning the trip was supposed to be 5 riders from France but plans got a bit changed when Helmeri, our good homie and dear distributor in Finland found the right rider to represent Wise out there. Therefore Timo Autio was naturally added to the trip so we could work on team building – which was a lot of trouble since Timo hates his team manager Martin André.


The reason we picked up Oslo to travel together was mainly related to our previous Nordic Tour in Scandinavia. Back in may, to help promoting Wise in Scandinavian countries, our distributor Centrano organized a 2000km road trip across the peninsula through Denmark, Sweden and Norway. We had a true blast during a crazy night in Oslo where Leo Scooter Parts was so kind to us and after riding a tiny sample of the amazing spots of Oslo, Jules, Martin and Balth realized the “spotential” of this city and that it would be necessary to come back.

You might have already discovered some of the streets of Oslo through the 2 Venture crew videos featuring local SD filming aficionados Lars Michelsen, Jonhatan Krabbe, Olemartiin Krohn. These crazy street riders know what kind of heaven for scooters is hiding out there up in the north and know how to deal with it. So Oslo was our target and we planned to go back altogether to film a video named “Oslo ain’t ready” and Erika and Leo from LSP helped us out by organizing a street camp for young riders. You read well my friend, Oslo street camp it was called. No parks, no helmets… just come meet and greet with the pros on a manny pad, stairset or even a school yard. This was so dope and at some point we really enjoyed it since scooter kids out there are just so mature.

Wise was really happy to partner for the first camp of this kind and we can’t thank Erika and her son Leo enough. So the cherry on the cake was that we were able to film during both for our Wisinavia video and film a few tricks from the campers which you can watch in Bagginz Media’s edit from the Oslo street camp. Billy Seberg came from England and did a great job documenting the lifestyle of the Oslo scene and the LSP crew.

We started on Tuesday morning at the green bowl which is close to Leo’s house. Erika picked up Timo from the airport at noon while Nico enjoyed cruising around the steep bowl. Everybody was worried because of Nico’s shoulder that could have been a big problem after he got into a small drunken fight during the previous road trip in France (Loss trip 2) but it didn’t prevent him from nailing a back disaster on the oververt. No man down, everything’s fine!


Down the hill, we seshed a little ledge where Larz, his biker brother and Olemartin joined us. Rémi had an injured leg for a few months so this was like his first street session… which was still painfull for his ankle…. so half a man down. Nico struggled for about an hour to land a very cool line… but which ended in the throwaway footage because it was too long. Toinou was trying to go for a whip fakie 50-50 but he went mad for not landing this… so let’s go to the seaside to relax a bit. For the record, when Krabbe leaves a session, he’s like “I have a jazz jam tonight”. Norway stands in another dimension!





Right, back to the topic: the wooden water gap… Without surprise, Martin André would dominate the spot one more time with his classic wizardry specials – 360 bar whip of course, but watch the video it’s still cool. Well that spot was not an easy one though because the landing was very short… and straight into the water. A kid from Norway named Sten Magnus threw a fingerwhip down the gap and Toinou was too slow of a goal keeper to prevent Sten’s scooter from getting wet. Harbour security came and wouldn’t give Martin one last try… that guy had a fisherman’s knife ready to strike against these wild young people but nothing happened, they got away and Martin landed as usual – and now you start to get why Timo hates Martin so much.


We then headed to a modern area of Oslo where we found another water gap and a double block manny pad. Nico tried to 180 gap from the blocks to the road… and we ended getting some nasty footage of his bails. Timo shocked us with a downside whip to fakie 360 fs heel and that’s when we realized how Viking this slim long blond haired teenager was.


We rode till night and headed back home for a chicken barbecue orgy! Well you have to realize that Rémi is a veggie (and he’s right) so it was not a party everyday for him.

On Friday, Oslo street camp started at 11AM at LSP where a special guest was also there: Rémi Flipo came to ride with us since he was attending a train x scooter trip with his girlfriend. He was stoked to have Martin André as an instructor for the day (and so was Timo). We headed with everyone to the first manny pad spot to get everybody warmed up. Toinou landed a halfcab whip bar, Balth a fakie 360, Martin a heel manual bar whip – on what planet gravity is so weak that you can land this?


We headed to the city hall where there’s a golden rail. Locals showed us what they got even to the point that Michael Skretting fs board heel rewinds didn’t seem that crazy after all. Timo backlipped 360 whip that thing, Martin nailed a heel bs board whip and Toinou fs lipped it.





We then headed to a small schoolyard when mad stuff went down… on a picnic table. Talking about food, at night, we had a barbecue at the local skatepark but unfortunately it rained so we couldn’t sesh this amazing piece of art. After a lot of internal discussions, we decided that it was a good time to welcome Sten Magnus as part of our team. Sten has so much potential and a really hardworking mind. For the record, he travels by train 2 hours every day to go work at LSP after school and he’s fully dedicated to scootering. We let him stay at night with us to tell him the good news.




On Saturday, we went to a long ledge to warm up. Martin took some picture of Balth jumping off a narrow ledge. Unfortunately, Bigbalth is not very gifted at roll-ins so he fell off the ledge straight into his knee. One more half-man down.


Timo killed the ledge with a feeble lip heel and Toinou feeble to ice.




Campers wanted to show us the main park of Oslo where there’s a fountain with very nice ledges and gaps. Don’t be fooled, all the campers also spent time searching for some damn pokemons but they couldn’t catch Nico who found the longest line he could find -as usual- and did a line with a long feeble down a ledge creating more sparks than a goddamn Charizard. Timo lipped 270 out the ledge and Sten downside heeled over the gap which increased the level of danger.


We then went to church to kneel in front of the young Georg and pray while he was slaying the rail with a fs and a bs hurricane down the rail. This kid is mad crazy and he’s been announced as part of the Striker team lately. Toinou nailed a crook down the square rail and Martin landed a heel board. We finally ended the session next to the xGames park where Timo, Michael and Martin cleared a long bank to gap but we won’t spoil you on this one.



Une photo publiée par Martin André (@martouzz) le





Back home, Balth and Remi cooked a big wok of rice, curry and vegetables to be in good shape for Sunday.

Sunday was a pretty sunny afternoon spent at a spot with 3 concrete bowls… that locals call a street spot. Well let them call it what they want, that place was insane and such a good fit for tchoo tchoo trains. Erika brought a lot of Toyen Cola which is a local beverage made in Oslo and we did sort of funny commercials for them. It was Felix’s birthday so everybody had a good sesh while we filmed some cool tricks over the bench.







After that we went to a nice street spot in front of the train station nearby with some crazy round benches where Nico gapped a road and Martin landed a whip manual 180 condor. As usual, Balth struggled hard for the last trick of the day, at night… which was a manny scooter fakie that will end up in the throwaway footage bin.


On Monday, it rained a bit so we rode the xGames park which is a perfect indoor concrete park. It dried a bit so we went to the city center of Oslo where we found a special bench that looked like whoops. Timo mastered this special spot like a boss until security came. We filmed one last try after security guy left but Timo slammed quite hard.


Nevermind Vikings don’t feel the pain!


Une photo publiée par Nicolas Jcb (@nikojcb) le





We tried to eat at a restaurant and get some good beer but Timo is only 18 so we… couldn’t drink in his presence. Damn you Timo, Bigbalth would have drunken the whole trip budget with Mojitos!

Tuesday was very sunny and Erika drove us to “the miniramp”. During the Nordic Tour, we drove past this halfpipe next to the highway and never thought we’d have a chance to ever ride it. All mellow transitions felt like heaven and Remi even got some clips. And Nico got tons of line that you want to check in the B-side footage. At our great surprise, Toinou could still nail some very cool air tricks on the hip and we were stoked!








Sten lead us to a great spot in front of the Tesla garage of Oslo but on the way, Timo hit a 14 stair kinked rail with no pressure at all. Everybody get lines at the Tesla spot and we meet some gnarly local skateboarders filming with a GH4. Sten decides to send it with a downside whip over the rail while a group of trainees learn how to use a big external flash during a street photography class. Scooters become the photo class topic of the day.






And then a grass gap becomes our topic of the day. Timo decides to halfcab over the flowers, Balth nails a 180 which won’t compete with Sten’s massive 180 double whip anyway. Toinou lands a roll in on the kinked ledge but we were all kind of scared during his first attempt when pegs hit the ledge leaving sparks everywhere.


Wednesday, it rained in the morning so spots were kind of wet but after eating thaï wok on the rooftop of Oslo opera house, we hit the banks out there before getting kicked out. We rode the small concrete park by the sea, it was very windy and it was a pain in the ass to take the right speed. Nico got a line, Martin filmed a backlip fingerwhip and Sten did his stylish dancing tricks on the rail.






Night was coming so the group split: Nico wanted to hit the huge drop in on the marble ledge at the train station when Balthazar and Rémi would get back to the top of the opera house to finish getting the clip. Eventually we all got back together to hit the wooden pyramids in the harbor where Nico and Timo did some massive transfers… And Timo hit the rail next to the water gap with a fs 50 to heelwhip.

Everybody was stoked on that last one.


Toinou left early Thursday back to Paris for a wedding and we had one last session at XGames park because of the rain before giving a warm hug to Erika and Leo and heading to Helsinki in the lands of Helmeri! When we get to the airport, the climate is different from Oslo, there are beer shops right at the exit of the airport where Helmeri and his bro Anti are waiting for us with 2 cars… what remains of the Finscooter van after various destructive crashes with finnish raindeers and wildboars is still a mystery. We had a chance to stay at the Finscooter warehouse and practice ice hokey. Jani lives really close to Finscooter’s warehouse so he was kind enough to offer us a shower when needed.




On Friday, we headed to Helsinki’s bike ring where locals showed us a very big empty parking lot with ledges everywhere where we all got clips and where Timo was confident enough to throw a fs 50-50 to 180 fakie 50-50 transferring between two flat ledges. His friends from Oulu had come to ride with us plus a bunch of Finscooter homies and when everybody finished gathering we went to that insane bike ring spot.

Crew from Oulu

Timo funny pic

Crew from Oulu part 2

Balth - frontsmith dub whip @Helsinki


How do people even play soccer or rugby in such an place…


This is just the perfect spot with a rail to bank and a massive drop in that Nico decided to take. Timo and Martin fought for a while to land their tricks on the rail. Before we left, one of Timo’s friend dropped in being inside a thrash and these Finnish kids are very friendly and funny people, plus they love beer!


Une photo publiée par Rémi Bouchard (@boucharemi) le

Martin check ligne (Copier)
Nico ring portrait (Copier)
Timo after line (Copier)<
Trash drop (Copier)
Helsinky crew (Copier)

Balth & Timo @Helsinki


Last spot of the day was a insane playground with a very slippery ledge and a combo of like 8 short flat rails that we’d seen in one of Niko’s instaclips making some crazy noise while grinding the whole thing. Locals put some rock music and start drinking a few beers while Balth struggles for one hour to try to land a switch fs feeble fs heel but wouldn’t land it in a state of ultimate frustration…


Helsinki street jam happened on Saturday and this event was a complete success. Sunshine, Helmeri’s baby face, amazing spot, the venue of superpowered OG Madis Kukk from Estonia, local star Kassu Palen, Santeri’s perfectly silent rail tricks and kid frontflipping into the water, Antti playing pokemon while filming the jam with his gopro …

Many Helsinki kids came to ride the first spot ledges in the harbor which was basically a demo of local grinding skills and having to snake everyone to get a prize… something like Wise pegs. This was the first event highly sponsored by Wise so please forgive us for the high level of propaganda on this awesome day.

Spot 1 helsinky jam (Copier)

Many Helsinki kids came to ride the first spot ledges in the harbor which was basically a demo of local grinding skills and having to snake everyone to get a prize… something like Wise pegs. This was the first event highly sponsored by Wise so please forgive us for the high level of propaganda on this awesome day.

Wise boy winner

martin x nico chill (Copier)
helsinki jam (Copier)

We rode to the next spot where Niko threw a fs board triple whip out and battled with Timo to be the gnar dog of the spot… But Timo did it again… backlip 270 on the rail. This was a cool spot and we went back there on Sunday so Nico would land the line that you can watch in the B-sides.

Timo kink (Copier)

Helsinki people (Copier)

kink rail martin (Copier)

Next spot was next to little canals, somebody decided to frontflip into the cold water and another crazy dude landed a scooterfakie firecracker on something like 15 stairs. There’s no visual proof of it though. Everybody got ready for the next spot, an amazing small kinked rail. This rail was slayed. Niko broke his ankle though which was a pity because he’s such a good rider and he was leading a good fight against Timo. Martin stacked a heel board, Timo went for a backlip on the whole thing and Nico landed an unexpected lipslide going up the rail. Wrong way you may say, so Madis went down with an insane one handed boardslide! Crazy Estonians.


Next spot, stainless rail, Timo’s fs 50-50 pegless on the bottom rail was insane, Santeri’s backlip was madd enough and Finland star Kassu Palen from Phoenix landed a boardslide! Final spots was a long 6 flat 6 stairset. Jani landed a whip to bar first try and Martin landed the banger of the Wisinavia video and put an end to the street jam : 360 whip to bar.


Timo won the jam since he hammered during the whole day, everybody had a great day and a little street plaza sesh after that. Plus, we had a fun party in the streets where Rémi kissed a teenage girl then a damn old nasty cougar for a few bucks.


DSC09939_byBigbalth_medium (Copier)
DSC09941_byBigbalth_medium (Copier)
DSC09944_byBigbalth_medium (Copier)

Timo - fs 50 @Helsinki street jam

Balth left on Sunday morning and the rest of the team went filming at the harbor spot where Remi finally got a decent quality clip of his wolrd-first decade legsweep. There is this amazing place with big pink letters made of rock where Helsinki is written in the ground… and riders see that as a good opportunity for grind combo. Rémi landed a line with a triple whip followed by a fs feeble downside finger heelwhip. Helsinki baby.

remi x martin soleil (Copier)
Helsinki crew (Copier)
Martin filming (Copier)
Nico x martin reflexion (Copier)
Remi x martin reflexion (Copier)

Nico - boost @Helsinki


It rained on Monday so we went to ride the Finscooter park. For the record, this place is next to a fancy nightclub in Helsinki and the Finscooter crew did an amazing job with this place: wallrides, flat rails, ledges, smooth quarter pipes.


It was a pleasure to ride with local shredders Santeri, Kassu Palen, Jani.


Martin - 180 @Helsinki finscooter park

Remi - Wallride @Helsinki finscooter park

This trip was all about having a good time and filming some stuff you’ll witness by watching the Wisinavia edit. Why Wisinavia you might ask? Because Wise was in Scandinavia and we hope we left a nice footprint out there. The artwork in the video was made by Jules Couderc and the editing by Balthazar Neveu.

Peace and enjoy! We’d like to thank again Erika and Leo from LSP for the incredible welcome and letting us stay at their place as well as Helmeri and Anti from Finscooter.You guys rock!