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Dissidence Coalition 2017


Dissidence Coalition 2017 is a scooter video competition with 40 pro riders.

  • 10 teams of 4 riders
  • Paris ; 5 days

Dissidence Scootershop

Winner edit

  • Jean-Yves Randriambelson
  • Elliot Arnold
  • Dan Barret
  • Hunter Betchle


  • Martin André
  • Chema Cardenas
  • Jake Sorenson
  • Auguste Pellaud

  • Balthazar Neveu
  • Maxime Legrand
  • Nick Tedrick
  • Regan Thompson

  • Timo Autio
  • Matt McKeen
  • Helmeri Pirinen
  • Logan Fuller

  • Flavio Pesenti
  • Didine Terchague
  • Charles Padel
  • Alexis Letellier

  • Lucas Di Meglio
  • Boris Germain
  • Maxime Bouzid
  • Jonathan Perroni

  • Lucas Lardenois
  • Axel Germain
  • Steve Petermann
  • Billy Segard

  • Ruben Rodriguez
  • Pol Roman
  • Ivan Jimenez
  • Luis Barrios

  • Michael Homann
  • Luis Guerra
  • Sinan AlFaour
  • Christophe Stefanuto

  • Alexandre Sicre
  • JJ Powel
  • Jared Adelson
  • Dylan Morrison





The Dissidence Coalition event was an awesome week even if the rain kind of disturbed all the teams. The winner edit was picked by a jury made of the 40 riders by themselves. Dissidence Coalition managed to gather riders from all around the planet to replace the Paris Street Jam which was considered as a bit dangerous and tended to be hype rather than leaded by real riders. We hope Dissidence will reconduct the event next year.

You can find the secret hidden edit with Kévin Demay, Julien Perret, Lucas Wisdorff and Franck Sarcy on the Dissidence Scootershop facebook page.