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Montreux 2016

The whole Wise team came to Montreux in Switzerland for the 2016 edition of the scooter contest organized this year by Dissidence Scooter shop.






Antoine went out there a few days before the contest to build some awesome wood wallrides. One on the miniramp, the other one over the massive channel. This changed the rules of the classic contest because you could get even more speed than usual. A lot of pro riders understood that and they can all thank Ichh Industries (Antoine’s company) for the wood work.

Contest started on friday with under 14 years old riders. The level was insane, even among the youth but what was even more insane was the best trick contest on the rail where a whiskey bottle was the prize. Alexandre Sicre landed a 360 board hard 180, Didine attempted a true spin fakie over icepick and landed a perfect fakie roll-in, Mathis Deleplanque did a roll-in to 180 fakie roll-in… This was just way too insane but Billy Segard from Zoo Family wont it with some double whip board and whip bs noseblunts…
Because we didn’t like the DC logo next to the rail after the « Wes we can » campaign, we decided to paint it over with a massive Wise logo!

On Saturday, AM and Pro qualifications went on. Street PRO qualification was simply insane with more than 60 riders. Martin made it to the finals with a sick tech run with a halfcab bar feeble hard 180 whip out on the ledge under the sound control tower. Alexis Cuvillier had a bad fall and injured his knee unfortunately on a bar to bar. Jules did his run along with Nico who tried to 180 to flat over the little driveway. OG special time came when Kevin Demay did his run and attempted some flairs against Thomas Gillham who nailed a solid run with some bs 50-50 to fingerwhip. BigBalth did his run against Michael Cajas and landed his last trick which was a long fs feeble to fs board 270 out. Antoine Delcampe killed his banger trick with a massive bs feeble hard 360 indy out. Simon Bertin hurts his ankle, Enzo eats shit with a faceplant on a backflip condor… special mention has to be given to Charles Padel alley oop wallride.

Special appearance of Romain Claudet was a blast. A few years ago, he had a car accident and ended up in a wheelchair. Even though he lost some of his abilities and the doctors told him he’d never walk again, Romain can walk and he even went back on his scooter to drop the banks, being warly cheered by the crowd. We’re so proud of him

Miniramp qualifications started very late. Jules dropped in with a bs noseblunt from the top of the wall. Quentin Martinet, OG from Lyon landed a sick footplant wallride having his hand on the wall. Sunday was finals day in form of battles where riders would fight each other by doing an amazing show. When the other one is resting a bit, the rider in final would throw down crazy tricks. During miniramp finals, Axel Germain did an attempt of starting in 50-50 and dropping in fakie from the top of the wallride. A young English stallion named Ollie bar rocked the fence then barspin dropped in the mega ramp…  That was nuts. Hugo Fairon slayed the ramp with his long bs overcrook whip grinds and other switch technical stuffs! Warneup slayed the drop in with a massive legride drop in. Didine dropped in from the top of the megaramp which was what « Machin » (OG french scooter chiller) announced he’d do back in 2006 but never commited. Didine also dropped in from the second floor and attempted a wall to flair. Charles Padel back disaster-ed the top of the wall and did a mind fucked 270 whip on the transfer between mega and mini ramp. This was one of the most risky trick of the whole contest and Charles deserved to win the contest.

Porcial against JD, Flavio against Charles, Boris against Eddy Flückiger, Martin André versus Perroni, Lucas Di Meglio versus Enzo Commeau… the show was way too crazy. Final was between Boris Germain, Lucas Di Meglio and Alexis Letellier. Lucas Di Meglio did a ice smith 360 whip to barspin on the tallest ledge. Boris did a fs feeble on the up-ledge to 540 transfer the box. And Porcial ended the game with a massive bs smith to frontflip.


Street Pro

  • Alexis Letellier
  • Lucas Di Meglio
  • Boris Germain


Miniramp Pro

  • Charles Padel
  • Didine Terchague
  • Arnaud Warneup Marchenoir

Once again, we’d like to thank Dissidence Scooter shop for this amazing event! The format was original and we hope to see all you guys next year.