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Planet Coping Volume 2

The first clip was filmed during a trip in Lyon in 2012 when French ID was dying already and the K-124 shop was at the end of its days… before seeing the birth of Authentique. These 4 legdes are located near Charpennes and having a clip featuring Martin, Cuv, Balth & Francky was quite a sign for Wise since. Air Jam had a role to play to get Cosanostra indoor skatepark’s gates opened. The first sessions at Cosanostra were quite a cool and unusual opportunity to get clips during winter. Balthazar and Marc Paul’s clips in Barcelona were filmed during the French Toast interview in issue 9. Coolest clip is probably Arthur’s nose manual with the back peg grinding on the rail at Wissous’ skatepark. This session was insane since it was snowing a bit while we were riding but still able to shred. Air Jam definitely had a big role to play with Wise since they also organized the Belgium session where Toinou nailed that sick lipslide to bar to whip. We can only be more grateful for this since they accepted the whole crew of La Brioche which included many riders from Wise. Good old winter times.


  • Arthur Blond
  • Travis House
  • Alexis Cuvillier
  • Marc Pauls
  • Balthazar Neveu.

  • Antoine Delcampe
  • Lambert Judith
  • Martin André
  • Ruben Rodriguez
  • Fran Torella
  • Jules Couderc
  • Jérémy Suchet
  • Martin André
  • Jeffrey Corlay
  • Lyès Hamroun