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Planet Coping Volume 1

The first volume was a throwaway video from our 4:3 footage back in the days with Arthur Blond, Marc Pauls, BigBalth. You can notice that we used to put the circled Wise logo only for Planet Coping videos. But this logo has gone way further and is now our symbol, printed on most of our parts. Some clips from. Story behind the last clip where the dog jumps following Marc’s 360 on the Macba is that 3 thugs tried to stole Karim’s scooter and Marc tried to act heroically but got his scooter stolen… Why would they still a TSI with a RAD bar on it back in the day? That’s a good point to meditate. Also ender from Balth is a 360 whip on a DIY step-up which was located in a sort of urban wasteland back in 2011 but is now a massive modern suburban district.


  • Arthur Blond
  • Balthazar Neveu
  • Marc Pauls