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Lyon Street Jam 2015

Authentique is a scootershop created by Dissidence and today ran by French scooter OG Franck Sarcy, located in the middle of the city of Lyon. A bit of history, the first street jam of Lyon was organized by K124 shop on October 9th 2010 and announced in a gnarly funny video featuring young Martin André and… 2010 slim young version of Franck Sarcy. On the 10th of October 2015, Authentique street jam was an awesome event.

Highlights of the trip

  • Aurélien Elain wins the street jam with a whip lipslide out of nowhere
  • Premiere of the Fry Video and Ethic in Colombia
  • Charles Padel’s board to backlip on the INSA rail



Meeting point in front of Authentique gathered nearly two hundred scooter kids that would head to “la small place” where a 7 stairset rail stands. Lucas Di Meglio, Flavio Pesenti, Didine Terchague would slay the rail when Arnaud Marchenoir a.k.a Warneup would cross the whole plaza doing a hang 5 to double whip on the stairs. Axel Germain breaks his leg and Didine hits his head. These are the risks of the job kids. When the rail slaying was over, the whole troop cruised in the streets of Lyon in a crazy mess to head to Charpennes where the steep white banks stand. Bunny hop contest is a tight competition between Martin André, Rémi Bouchard and Angel Fuster struggle to jump 10 boxes + 1 shoe. INSA is the next spot, a university full of places to ride. Jules boardslides the 14 stair rail but the icepick attempt didn’t get as successful and scared him too much.

Kenny continues the show with a 360 on the massive 15 stair set with the run up on the tramway tracks. Aurélien Elain tries one of the most dangerous stunt on a scooter we’d seen for a long time. He throws down a whip to fs lipslide down the rail. If he’d missed the rail, he would have died landing on the other side where a small concrete block stands. The danger of his trick made him the jam winner but before this, one last spot, the entry of the library with a massive 20 rail that Thomas Carbonnel hits with a lipslide. Charles Padel ends the show with a board to backlip. Some special props are deserved to Arnaud Warneup who tries to stall the top of the rail to lipslide down the 20 which ends up… badly with a broken arm. At 9:00PM at Authentique, the premiere of the Fry video is a blast featuring Grenoble’s finest riders. L’homme des bois is a total mess with unseen tricks. Hemki’s part reveals an unexpected smith to wallride to whip. Then the surprise is the premiere of the Ethic in Colombia video with a special mention to Jojo’s front scooter flip on the fallen tree trunk. On Sunday, the whole team goes to a secret outdoor DIY spot in the suburbs of Lyon where we take some photos and spend a good time with everybody.