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Fise 2015

Fasen organized Fise in Montpelier on the BMX spine miniramp since 2013 and this edition was a very good one to promote scootering. Wise definitely had to be there since this is event is part of the cradle of action sports culture and the weather being so perfect out there, spending a few days out there is always a blast.

Highlights of the trip

  • Rémi’s first trip with Wise and his insane stainless rail banger at the entry of the most crowded mall of the town
  • Jules met his girlfriend
  • Archie Cole won the Fise and he loves to say he was drunk back then… still doubtful on this one but his runs were crazy.
  • Porcial’s highest flair whip to condor to cheer the crowd
  • A rail was set up on top of a yellow trashed car in the slopestyle course


Thursday, Jules fails to qualify during the afternoon even though he’d brought his huge kneepads. Bibito rents a place with Balth where Jules and Rémi will crouch the whole time. Later in the afternoon, we head out to the streets and Rémi stacks bartwist whip to double whip on a narrow 7 stairset. Then we head to this spot seen on the MTP street jam. Wise pretty much seshed next to pro BMX Corey Martinez and his crew filmed Jules doing a massive lip stall on that street wall on top of a legit steep bank. Riding the slopestyle course was a blast since there was a big air and a car with a rail on top of it. Please make sure you check Jules’s 50 to barspin on the car’s rail in the official video. Raymond Warner sent it on the big air with a massive whip to superman – tribute to Josh Toy – and all this was pretty cool.
On Friday, we get Rémi from the place they rented with Youcef steezane and this tiny flat was simply a massive mess where everybody would crouch. Franck, after puking behind the car on such a lovely morning, tells us of a cool spot he’d know. On our way to the spot, Rémi convince Jules & Bigbalth to buy a massive watermelon. Sunshine is heavy but the spot is beautiful, little ledges with skate-stopped rails are a perfect place for one of Balth’s grind and fakie combo. Then Jules sends it on the massive ledge with a fs feeble to 180 whip. Light is so bright that a scientific discussion on HDR camera feature is launched between Rémi & Balth. But who cares since we’re heading to the next spot with Bibito and Rémi goes for the banger on a kinked rail which is going in his next video for sure. That rail was hard to get on tape since it’s at the entrance of a mall named Antigone and people would pass in front of the camera with no fucks given. Then we get to a spot down the stairs with a cool wall to wall set-up but unfortunately it starts raining. Finals were supposed to happen on Friday night but due to the rain, these were postponed to Saturday afternoon after BMX miniramp finals. On Saturday, the show is going down after BMX miniramp finals. Charles attempt a massive 540 fingerwhip while Porcial gets some insane height with his flair whip to condor.

This competition is not so hard to judge for Rémi & Bibito –except sunburns – since Archie Cole sends an insane run with a double flair condor ender and acts like a show-man, something we kind of miss in scootering today. We also had a chance to ride the street course next to the river for a one hour only session. When Vincent Kudrna would go up the step up with huge frontflips, Rémi would go down with a steezy 360 madonna grab – pretty sure this is what these are called. Jules was doing whip back disaster on the massive vert wall. Session ended when bikers invaded the park and basically kicked us out, one hour to enjoy the park was a bit too short and Fise is being quite disrespectful toward scooter when you know that scootering has its own manufacturer promoting the event when BMX is mostly sponsored by Energy drinks and action cameras. Others action sports can say whatever they want, today scootering struggles to get exposure in the world of action sports but we’re not selling our souls to massive brands who only consider your sport as another way to tackle more market shares. Talking about people not sold out, bladders organize a wild un-official rail jam that ends up with security and cops trying to block the rail. This is a massive mess and Fise got so serious that they wouldn’t let riders… ride. Saturday night party starts at Charles place and what follows is … simply crazy. Jules meet Estelle that night and they end up talking till dawn at Le parc de la Pérouse. We meet these kids back at the SDG/Fasen/Blunt booth on Sunday where we chill till the afternoon to check BMX finals which is the highlight of Fise and with good reasons. The show is simply crazy and we see combos on bikes that are possible on a scooter and seem very difficult to land on a BMX. Hundreds of thousands of people come to see this action sports festival every year and scooters need to stay there! We need popular riders out there and some true competitors with not simply good level of riding but with some talent at cheering the crowd aswell.