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The Wise Mixtape


Back in August, seeing that our riders were stacking good clips, we decided to start a little challenge in order to be able to show you some quality content for the end of the year. However, we knew how long it takes to make a proper full length and we wanted something different and more fun. So, here we are, introducing you the Wise Mixtape. Here is the introduction of the mixtape. One part is dropped every friday on the Wise Youtube Channel!

Sten Magnus

Sten is a quite recent addition to the team and a quick look at this video will convince you that he deserves it so much ! We met him during our first trip to Oslo (Norway) last year and we haven’t had to think a lot when the question has been raised of asking him to join us.
He immediately said yes and started to film for a welcome edit with his friend Bjorn but as you may know, street riding in winter is impossible in northern countries… So, this summer, we decided to make a mixtape and the welcome edit turned into a real proper part.
Obviously, Sten had to have the first part as he is a rising star of the European scooter scene and every clips in it are incredible. Shout out to him for being so good on a scooter and for putting so much effort in this video !

We also wanted to thank LSP and the Venture crew for the warm welcome everytime we come to Norway. Finally, special thanks to Bjorn Lillegraven for filming and editing this crazy part !

Alexis Cuvillier

Alexis Cuvillier aka Cuv is not only a crazy rider with an original trick selection but also the guy behind our product designs.
As you can guess by looking at the intro, he had to deal with several injuries recently and has been out of the scooter game for more than one year. However, he still managed to bring together some old (but gold) clips to provide you this cool and surprising part. His rehabilitation period is almost over now so we hope to see him banging again real soon !

Filmed by:
Rudy Garcia, Jérémy Suchet, Martin André, Balthazar Neveu

Jules Couderc

The promo of Jule’s Forkast signature turned out to be a part for the Mixtape.
Jules our rider and graphic designer worked on his video since the last Wise DVD, three years ago !
He enjoy his trip with the crew in Europe : Prague, Barcelona and Oslo to get some good memories.
Thanks to Bradley Morrissey for the Intro and Nicolas Jcb for the additional editing.

Filmers :
Balthazar Neveu / Nicolas Jacob / Martin André / Rémi Bouchard / Kassu Palen / Lucas Di Meglio / Roots Boy Prod / William Dunkerley / Estelle Harington.

Balthazar Neveu

Wise is a rider owned scooter brand so if you ever wondered who is the owner, here you go. If you already met Balthazar, you know how much he loves scootering, he’s the perfect example of the guy who still want to sesh when it’s dark and everybody is dreaming about beer. His passion for this little piece of metal is impressive and seems to increase, years after years ! Balthazar did a commitment by taking a 6 months break from his engineering job to ride scooters only and film this video part.

This part has been filmed in Paris, Prague, Oslo, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Barcelona, NYC, Melbourne and Brisbane which results in a total mix of gnarly spots.

Special thanks to Dissidence Scooter Shop.

Filmed by: Martin André, Lucas Wisdorff, Nicolas Jacob, Rémi Bouchard, Regan Thompson, Jules Couderc, Rudy Garcia, Kévin Demay, Jean-Yves Randriambelson, Brandon ‘Suavy’ Ray , Reece Jones, Keedan Mitchell, Michael Mankong, Erick Ferreiro, Saki.

Timo Autio

Coming from the cold and faraway lands of Finland, Timo has a unique style of riding and loves to try hard on tricks as originals and commited as his hairstyle !
He’s been stacking clips for more than one year now but he wasn’t supposed to have a part in the mixtape because he wanted to use it for a long length with his crew: Famigos. « Luckily » for us, this project was delayed and he ended up using these clips for our project !

Anyway, Timo had to put much effort in the filming since he works at night, 6 days a week. He travelled a lot through Finland (Oulou, Tampere and Helsinki) and he also went to Oslo last summer to film with Sten, Nico, Balth, Jules, Martin and our friends of the Venture Crew.

Thanks to all the filmers : Juho Ukonmaanaho, Bjørn Lillegraven, Vegard Houg, Jani Vuorela, Eetu Laukkanen.

Nicolas Jacob

Since he got on the team two years ago, Nico has put a lot of energy into wise by riding, filming and editing videos. When he is not at work fixing some fridges, Nico is always thinking about riding or doing the « bringue », which means « party » in his language. His part has been filmed in Oslo, Barcelona and several french cities during the last 6 months. As you know, the timing for this mixtape was short for some of us and Nico haD to deal with a full time job but he still managed to film fire clips to provide you this crazy part, edited by himself ! Thanks to Bradley Morrissey for the intro.

Antoine Delcampe

His name is Antoine Delcampe but we always call him Toinou. His riding level never ceased to increase over the years and here’s a part that was not on the original schedule. Being a super tall rider, it makes his style unique especially when riding with high tops. Simply enjoy another smooth street part from Toinou!
This part was filmed in Paris and Barcelona
Filming credit: Nicolas Jacob, Martin André, Balthazar Neveu, Baptiste tonerre.
Edit: Nicolas Jacob and Jules Couvercle

Rémi Bouchard

Rémi Bouchard is one of the most gifted riders on this planet but he’s so humble that he would hate to see this description. Nobody can deny that being able to rotor finger heel flat is a talent coming from another universe. He started filming for this video part back in 2015 when he was introduced to Wise (this was supposed to be his welcome edit at first). After a bad leg injury back in 2016, Rémi is back on his scooter and he lives in Switzerland where he designs incredible mechanical watches!
Remi has a natural finger heel so pay special attention to one of his last clip.
Filmed in Paris, Lyon, Lilles, Prague, Barcelona and Switzerland.
Edit: Rémi Bouchard

So once and for all Rémi, welcome to the team!

Reece Jones

The ender of this video is a self filmed clip, just so you know. Reece is the most talented vegan australian scooter rider and here’s a quick demonstration of his ability to slay all sorts of spots: rollercoaster benches, kinked rail, steep wallrides… just get ready for an incredibly stylish and short part.
This part was filmed in Brisbane and Melbourne.
Unfortunately, the Melbourne trip got interrupted by a foot injury while filming on the infamous weird curvey bench in Dandenong.

Song: Current Joy – I’m free
Balthazar Neveu, Jordan Turner, Lawrence Rubi, Keedan Mitchell, Max Peters, Dan McCormack, Marshall Smith, Guy Perret, Taliesin

Martin André

Here is the long awaited Martin André new part! He showed in his last videos that he’s one of the most talented street rider of his generation and this last part of the Wise Mixtape is another proof of how far scootering can go. He mostly filmed this part in less than 4 months making it even more legit when you realize he’s riding the big proto space deck. Martin is a machine, no doubt about it and his part sets the level higher once more. Get ready to bang your head against your screen and take a deep breath when the enders section comes! All intro clips were shot in London, courtesy of Brad Morrissey. Hope everyone enjoyed the Wise Mixtape, comment what you think about it and if you want to see more videos from our brand Wise. Filmed in Oslo, Lyon, London, Brussels, Paris and Lille Filmed by Nicolas Jacob, Jules Couderc, Balthazar Neveu, Franck Sarcy, Bradley Morrissey, Maxime Pesin, Alexandre Moni, Flavio Pesenti. Edited by Martin himself.