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Prague 2017 trip

Rémi Bouchard and Balthazar Neveu went for the Prague 2017 trip including a street jam with Gizmania and the Pardubice czech championships.


Czech trip Remi et Balth (11)

Czech trip Remi et Balth (12)











Czech trip Remi et Balth (3)

Czech trip Remi et Balth (5)

Czech trip Remi et Balth (6)

Czech trip Remi et Balth (7)



Prague street jam

Hosted by Gizmania and presented by Wise scootering in Prague, the street jam of Prague was such a great gathering!
Meeting: Stalin plaza . The best spot of Prague with an iconic view over the city and many ledges with a perfectly smooth ground.
Spots: Stalin Flat rail, kicker over the fence, Up and down rail & Troja bridge
Featuring : Rémi Bouchard, Jakub Volf, Petr Macháček, Filip Čížek, Jakub Šenkýř, Balthazar Neveu, David Šenkýř, Richard Zelinka, Ivan Tuček.

Pardubice Czech scooter championship

Jordan Clark, Richard Zelinka, Jara « Mini » Sokup, David Šenkýř, Michal Horaçek, Nathanaël West and many other Czech riders took part in this crazy competition.
Pardubice is a mythic skatepark for scootering and hosted the first scooter competition in Czech Republic back in 2007. For Wise, it was a total pleasure to go back there. The skatepark is covered with a roof so no problem with the rain. Nathanael West threw some double flairs, Jordan a fastplant frontflair whip, Mini sokup kind of missed his last run though and Richard Zelinka mastered the parks with some huge transfers. On Sunday, we had demo and scooter lessons at Gutovka with Remi, Balthazar and Jordan. The occasion was the volleyball championship. Jordan even tried the flekpegs.