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Jules Couderc

Jules Couderc is a consistent street rider who also advises Wise in terms of artwork. We can’t really say where Jules exactly comes from since he’s been living in many places in France like Lyon, Tours, Nantes and Paris because his family used to move quite often when he was a kid. Jules is the kind of nice guy who’s too keen to say no to anything that bothers him. But don’t get mislead, he’s the one sending it down on massive rails and riding switch whenever it’s unexepected. Jules has a raw style and he can definitely grind with pegs or pegless… Jules is also a talented graphic designer who’s created the whole 2D graphics for the Wise new collection and contributed to Tshirt and Grips designs. When it comes to bowls, Jules likes to do smooth transitions, noseblunts and basically going as fast as possible. A bit of history. Before being in Wise, did you know that Jules was riding for Blazer Pro and then joined Franck Sarcy’s French ID team. Back in July 2014, Jules organized a crazy birthday party called « Shred the barn » (or « Ponçe la grange » for french speakers) where they built a mini ramp next to the barn of his grandmother. Back in July 2015, his previous room mate, a long time friend named Améloche from Canada made him a big gift for his birthday: the « ichh » book which is a leaflet giving a nice overview of the scooter community around Jules. Ichh was a priceless present representing several months of work. Unfortunately, this guide is a unique sample that only Jules owns.


  • Birthdate : 04/07/1994
  • Heigth: 1m82
  • Weight:  70kg

Rider profile

  • Started to ride: 2006
  • Nickname: Julio / Roots

Prize list

  • Messimy 2008 – 3rd park
  • Nantes FSC#1 AM 2012 – 5th Park
  • Loriengeles 2015 – 1st Street Jam

Favourite songs