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Alexis Cuvillier

Alexis Pedro Cuvillier is an under-rated tech scooter rider. He’s riding in a quite raw way without giving too much attention if there’s a camera or not so it’s always a great pleasure to see his rare but crazy footage. Cuv’ -as we name him- has spanish roots so he knows how to make his incredible riding style look so easy that you forget that he’s tech grinds god. A bit of history. Cuv started to ride in Maison Alfort with Jérémy Suchet and Baptiste Delumeau and they started the Muffin Crew back in the days. Later, he got quite involved in the « La Brioche » label and helped Dissidence a lot at organizing some events. After Franck Sarcy’s French ID team got dismantled, Alexis got in Wise back in 2012 as the first rookie among the OG team. His welcome video was a very good surprise. Needless to say that Cuv is a big fan of our 125mm wheels since he designed them by himself. In fact, Alexis has a degree in 3D mechanical design so he’s the one who designs the Wise parts. After getting his degree, Cuv worked for two years in a scootershop and analyzed customer’s behaviors and tastes so he’s quite aware on the topic of making a good product. Cuv’ is riding all the time but unfortunately, his body doesn’t always follow him in his performances. Cuv’ had all wrists and heels broken and in 2015 he started to get a dislocated shoulder. Alexis never ceased to ride and even with major injuries, he still wins bunny hop contests in street jams which creates a bit of jealousy in Ruben Rodriguez’s eyes everytime Cuv’ wins the pair of shoes. But no beef, his pop is simply incredible.


  • Birthdate : 16/09/1994
  • Heigth: 1m75
  • Weight:  70kg

Rider profile

  • Other sponsors: Eretic / Raw
  • Started to ride: 2006
  • Nickname: Cuv
Prize list

  • Bunny hop contest 2014 Paris street jam
  • Bunny hop contest 2015 Paris street jam
  • Cergy 2015 – 1rd Park
  • Haske jam bunny hop 2016

Favourite songs

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