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Planet Coping Volume 5

Planet Coping in 2014 start with Balthazar’s first front flip landed on GC compound’s resi in Australia aswell as various clips from Monster Skatepark in Sydney. But Planet Coping in the summer also meant testing the new microphone while filming Jules at the Porte de Vincennes’ street plaza which was destroyed during winter unfortunately. That roller coaster to barspin is sick. Martin and Balth also went to Grenoble to attend the new park inauguration where Solhal won the best trick contest with a whip fs board. Martin’s full cab whip on the step down was a simple mess. Some clips of Toinou and Jules show the DIY under the bridge in Nantes. This Planet Coping edition looks mostly like an endless holiday video.


  • Antoine Delcampe
  • Martin André
  • Alexis Cuvillier
  • Jules Couderc
  • Balthazar Neveu.

  • Flavio Pesenti
  • Lambert Judith
  • Cyrille Pouyaud
  • Kenny Yap
  • Alexis Letellier