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Nova deck


  • Length 21″ [53cm]
  • Width 4.9″ [12.5cm] with concave
  • Weight 1.45kg
  • aluminium 6061-T6
  • 83.5° headtube angle
  • Ethic DTC nylon brake
  • compatible with 110 & 120mm wheels

  • Black anodized

Retail price 99.9€ / 119.9$
Product reference: W0014

The Nova Deck by Wise Scootering is a strong and lightweight deck designed for both beginners and advanced park riders or for those smaller riders who like traditional drop outs that save weight and allow usual peg use. The generous 83.50 head tube angle is extremely progressive in the way it allows riders more room between their bars and their body to execute tricks.
Collaboration with Ethic DTC brings you the most lightweight brake technology in scootering. Weldings between neck and headtube provides extra rigidity compared to a forged deck so headtube angle won’t bend during the deck’s life.
12mm axles are not included. Spacers are included.
Wise steel brake can be purchased separately to handle