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Balthazar Neveu

Balthazar Neveu is a french scooter rider from Paris who dedicates his life to his passion of riding a scooter since he started back in december 1999. He started to ride with two of his school friends when jdBugs scooters were still foldable and together they created Xtremescooter, a team of home made kicker riders filming with low quality digital camera. In 2005, Xtremescooter got a bit more serious with a full video named Signature featuring JD and Arthur Blond. Xtremescooter was the begining of polyvalent riding between park, street and flat when others would only go for street only or park only. In 2007, Balthazar directed and edited SIIGN featuring Bibito, Maxime Legrand before he’d name himself Le Baron, JD, Thibault Coste and many other friends. Xtremescooter kind of ended when Balthazar remained unsponsored when everybody else would get on French ID and he started two years of highly competitive highschool (but still managed to win Montreux street 2007 AM). BigBalth was his new nickname, French ID was left for Addict by its creator Kévin Demay and Johann Moreau and Balth became team manager of a new French ID team from 2009 till 2010. Back in 2011, he created Wise as he was living in Barcelona, both studying and filming the Desafio video. At the begining, Wise was a basic Tshirt brand with a team made of OGs who simply wanted to have a label with a nice point of view rather than riding pointless sponsors. Then, new blood helped BigBalth to develop the brand and make something new with handlebars made in France and a whole range of spare parts designed in France and made in China. Being an engineer as a full time job, BigBalth tries to ride whenever possible as it’s the best thing you can achieve in your life. Riding switch and fakie is one of his favourite and get ready because the old man still has some tricks in his bag. Today, Balthazar is the owner, team manager and director of photography at Wise Scootering.


  • Birthdate : 20/06/1988
  • Heigth: 1m76
  • Weight:  80kg
Rider profile

  • Other sponsors: Dissidence
  • Started to ride: december 1999
  • Nickname: BigBalth / Pipimka

Prize list

  • Montreux 2007 AM – 1st street
  • Montreux 2007 AM – 2nd ramp
  • Montreux 2009 AM – 3rd street
  • Taverny 2009 – 2nd park
  • Cerdanyola 2010 – 2nd street

Favourite songs

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