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Wise Nordic Tour

Wise Nordic tour was held in may 2016 thanks to the help of a donation from the Danish action sports #gadeidræt foundation #gadeidræt to AJ Scooters.


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Tour dates








AJ Scooters hosted us in Hedensted. The owners are Mette and Claus gave us such a warm welcome that there are no words to describe how thankful we are and how much good time we had. Martin fell in love with the chicken barbecue cooked by Claus. Drink a couple of Dannish beers with the family, help Anders out with his brake, play with the dogs, have a session on the freshpark rails left was part of the pan. To visit skateparks, we took the famous AJ trailer which is a very gnarly version of a scooter shop. Gypsies on the road selling home made scooters from the back of the truck is probably a lifestyle Travis House dreams of every night.


Hedenstend is the town where AJ lives. You can directly pronounce it UNASTAND… still it is not Enzo Commeau’s hometown! Simon came all the way down from Copenhagen and joined us for the weekend. On saturday, we headed to that vert ramp covered in Skatelite and built by a skateboard OG back in the days. That vert was rad and we all got pretty much smacked trying to hit the vert. The man of the situation ended being Jules nailing some rad coping back-noseblunts and other silly alley oop maneuvers. Highlight of the day was that crazy double trick with Mathias Jensen . Jules wore kneepads which helped him a lot and we notticed he is just incredibly good at landing while sliding on his knees. Gedved Super Event had other activities like a drone race which brings families together and actually bring people to watch scooter riders struggling against that narrow half pipe.




The only thing we had doubts about not bringing riders together at a vert event was having some nightclub music with a DJ rather than good old punk rock music. BMX riders brought his mobile park. After stacking a few clips on a triple set of Fresh park rails, we headed back to the street plaza of Horsens. This street park is in the middle of the brick town. Dozens of abandonned shoes hang on an electric wire crossing over the park and the whole ground of the park has been built so the park can be put elsewhere easily. Honnestly this is one of the most beautiful street plaza as it’s surrounded by red brick buildings.

Martin struggled more than usual to get his line but that was worth it. Worst thing is that when the line was finished, he came back on the park and nailed a board nose manual to whip. Crazy Martouz. Mette and Claus were waiting for us but Balth decided to start filming a clip… and even though it’s Denmark the night came quickly. Back in Gedved, Mette mentionned the word Frikadeller so she felt obliged to cook some for us when we’d come back from our Sweden and Norway long journey. And damn what a journey! Definitely worth the Frikadeller on our way back from Stavanger.




On Sunday, we hit Kolind’s indoor skatepark which has a foam pit, boxes and a mini ramp. We were about to start the demo and have the kids waive their hands when Jules would pass in front of them… but after that 36 tuck no hander on the box, he hit a dangerous wallride and fell hard on his knee. Shit happens sometimes at the begining of the trip. No more scooter for the rest of the trip and focus on filming and clutches.





Shot with DXO ONE Camera

Shot with DXO ONE Camera

Shot with DXO ONE Camera


On monday morning, we headed to the Street Dome with Anders and Simon very early with the Wise van. Mette and Claus joined us later in the morning. They brought the dogs and Mette contributed to the video by filming some additional footage from the bowl using the brand new RX100IV. Martin spotted that massive tranny where he whip to indy. Going in the opposite way (backside for regular) was very painful as there seemed to be no easy line to take way enough speed to clear that transition with ease.

Martin still managed to land it with a downside heel rewind. BMX riders came from germany to sesh that bowl and this comes as no surprise as the bown is so damn mellow and the concept of being able to ride the dome is simply great. As a matter of fact, there’s another park hidden inside the dome but we didn’t get in as it was too early.
At noon, we picked some fruits and sandwitches from the supermarket and hit the road to Sweden.


On the road to Sweden


Gothenburg was our first stop where we were kind of late so kids would wait for us so badly. Our arrival out there was gnarly as all the kids gathered around the car as soon as we arrived. Wise being released recently, this was pretty epic for us as we’re not really used to this. Action Sports Store organized a little contest that we judged.
Erik won the competition without doubts with a massive 360 bar to bar , rewind and a fingerwhip down the gap to the bowl’s ground. Let’s say he won it « Jean Pierre » style… After the sesh, we went out to Jonathan ‘s peaceful hometown of Floda to share a meal with . And that meal was the infamous pizza place where BigBalth had his first creamy Jean Pierre. We learnt about poaching which is a sweddish tradition to have tobacco.


Tuesday morning, we spent a few time with Jesper at TheScooterStore in Linköping. Bigbalth already met Jesper aka ScooterFarsan back at ISPO. His shop is beautiful and we also had a quick look at the back of his trunk where he stores his young kid’s cute tiny scooter. Unfair short deck with custom cutouts, 20cm high ethic dtc dynasty bars and that’s how you make AlvinScoot happy! Here you go for another family of passionate scooter riders. Linköping has a 200km lake and we learnt that Jesper went all the way around on a scooter… not even using 125mm wheel.


In the afternoon, we arrived at KickbikeButiken, a super nice scooter shop in the middle of Stockholm held by Ted, a goatee bearded super gnarly viking! We held a little jam at Rålambshovsparken, a perfect concrete park under the bridge. We discovered unexpectedly highly skilled riders. The small rail line got slayed and we had no megaphone to make these kids crazy but the level itself was way underrated, we have a city of potential stret shredders to keep on the radar for upcoming ears. a crazy kid dropped in the death bowl with a double heelwhip which was way too dangerous.




Swedish breakfast2wisescootering_nordictour

Stockholm by night

At night, we hit a downhill long street flat rail where both Martin and Bigbalth both got a clip. Night came quickly so Martin had to get some battery for the LED ligh. He describes the effort he had to put to keep the same pace as Ted as something similar as chasing the final bos in Mario Bros 2. Later, we hit some slippery banks in the middle of a hillbomb. We filmed the intro of the second part of the video of the video (cruising down the hillbomb with a choochoo train). That’s where Bigbalth snapped his deck. Well actually the Pandemonium was not the only thing that BigBalth snapped. Back at the Göteborg bowl, while warming up, BigBalth was going for a air on a quarter where a banana is painted. Unfortunately, the black paint edge where the banana skin opens was hiding a coping… BigBalth hit the top of the small quarter without even notticing anything anything and ends up landing badly on the wrist. Two injured boys in the three first days is a carnage, despite the fact that we’re aware to be carefull during trips and took no special risks. This was bad luck but we still managed to finish the tour and film a whole video so what are we complaining about right! Ted took us with the KBB crew bus on a sightseeing tour of Stockholm by night.





The fun got interrupted when the cops called Ted to tell that the shop’s window had been broken. Ted suspected some skateboarders to be responsible for this… the park under the bridge has some classical haters and Jesper got a broken window last time Tanner Wilson from AO came along with Andy for a small demo at the park. These cowards were stupid enough not to steal scooter parts… what skater would even touch a scooter. We waited for Ted back at his place having a couple of beers with Stockholm locals. Ted comes back, boils some water and have his ginger hot beverage in the middle of the living room in underwear and tells us that simple warning, with a very calm and steady voice: « If i ever catch this skater, i’m going to fuck his mother. ». The investigation of detective Sherlock Stock-Holmes ended here and we had to get up super early the next morning to hit the road till Norway. To help us with the 9 hours drive, Ted cooked us an amazing scrambled egg and bacon breakfast which kept us fed for the whole day.








We arrived in Oslo at Leo Scooter Parts which is definitely not a classical scooter shop. It’s more or less a sort of social scooter club where scooter kids gather in a very friendly way.
Leo was among the first kids who started to ride scooters in Oslo and he totally fell in love with scootering so his mother, Erika helped him with his passion. We’d rarely seen so much passion toward scootering and Oslo was a sort of dream come true.
After signing a few posters and assembling Leo’s old broken TSI deck on Jules’ scooter, we went for a street session with all the boys. First spot was an insane water gap with kickers on both side, next to a sort of chinese temple. Martin fell in mood of clearing the gap.
Well being Martin André means you’ll try a 360 whip to bus on the gap. But the first attempt ended with the scooter thrown in the water… But again being Martin f***ing André, the griptape and the grips were all wet but he still went for it and nailed it.
Everyone was pretty stoked at that trick and local rider Jonathan Krabbe showed us how real rockers grab the deck with a sort of benihana stalefish… without falling in the water. We then headed to a very nice bank spot. Despite the cobbled ground, many tricks could be done at this spot and BigBalth dropped in the various banks with a fakie combo. Martin took the full speed run up from the bridge and threw a massive gap to bank with no pressure.

martin backlip_resized



We then headed to a little street park that local riders consider as a street spot… but unless architects are really stupid, this seemed like an official Oslo skatepark built for riding. It is located in the other side of the Opera building which makes it a scenic place for riding. Ole Martin landed an awesome front crook to truck. BigBalth struggled for a while in getting the first line of the video with a 360 toothpick while Leo worked pretty hard to land a sort of hurricane to fakie noseblunt which was a rather special trick… The similarity between BigBalth and Leo on the effort put in landing a specific trick and not letting it go untill it’s landed on tape stroke Jules and Martin. Same thing happened at the last spot where Leo nailed the 50-50 pegless and that square rail when the light was totally dark. It shall be mentioned that in Norway, daytime last much longer in summer than in the south of Europe , it might be obvious for everybody. But how important for a rider! So when it was like 9PM it still felt like it was day time and we headed to the tall flat rail where Martin landed that super high backlip video ender.
Jonhatan Krabbe told us he knew some spanish: « Mi casa es un chorizo » which means « My house is a hotdog », sounds like spanish lessons are useful in Norway! Being a tall blond scandinavian, getting on that tall white rail didn’t seem like a problem for him so he nailed a board 180 and a board fs heel which was quite amazing.

We finally headed to the last spot of the session , the city hall, which looks like an old USSR building. Blunt already hit that spot during their Scandinavia trip but Martin finished the beast… Martin slided a lip whip and barspin fs board down the rail with a sort of kinked ball. Everybody went back home being pretty happy but we had the privilege to have a secret session at a « little indoor skatepark ». Well guess what, this skatepark was no other than the xGames park. Everything is so smooth out there, banks transitions are simply incredibly smooth and the rails and ledges are at a perfect height to have fun. Now we also get why skateboarders look like riding so effortless while watching the Street League! After filming a few lines from Martin, we even got a clip of Jules, partially back on his scooter cruising around.
That park is way too sick and it has rails on the sides of the quarters… we want to meet the genius who thought about that one. We finally went back to Leo’s place riding our scooters and checking tons of street spots. Erika cooked some homemade pizzas for us before we went sleeping at something like 4 AM.

Shot with DxO ONE

On the way home

The next morning, after taking a strong coffee, we drove to Stavanger through a scenic road where we saw tons of Fjords. A bit of geography here, a fjord is a long, narrow inlet with cliffs, created by glacial erosion. Inspiration for the poster came from here.
Stavanger is an oil city where Norwegian mom Tone decided to open a scooter shop named Urban Freestyle. Her son Tommy Lee organized a little jam so we hit a street spot with tiny copper rail before it started to rain. We had to head to the skatepark. We had a best trick competition in the bowl and the winning trick was a massive 540 indy. Jules even managed to grind half of the bowl concrete extension, that was probably due to the hotdogs and the chocolate cake. Friday was our « holiday ».
We drove to Kristiansand where we had our lunch eating the salmon we dreamt of. We then took the ferry back to Aalborg in Denmark. BigBalth took a massive nap and Martin and Jules spent some time on the bridge.

When we came back « home » at AJ, we had a nice surprise: our friends Helmeri and Lewis from District were out there. So we had this famous danish Frikadeller and we can honnestly say that we were not ready! But we had to fill our bellies because Saturday, AJ Scooters hosted the Horsens street jam.
We met everybody at the street plaza and headed to the first ledge spot. We organized a kind of race for the young kids but also for the older guys. We then headed to a set of 7 stairs that everybody was able to shred.
William Gottschalck hit the set with a downside heel, 180 whip to bus . Emil nailed a fs icepick down the side rail. bigBalth halfcabbed the set and switch 180’d it. William landed a fs wall over the rail and Mathias Jensem fought hard and landed a massive 360 briflip down the ten stairs.


Before anybody would get hurt and hit the 20 stairs, we moved on and went to Horsens’s bowl where the youngest AJ team riders did the show with some flairs . Our contacts from Centrano (our distributor for Scandinavia) showed up: it was good to meet Kenwin and Michael and have a chill time with our homie Jacob! He told us he’s going out with a blader woman, what a lucky boy! OG Jonas Kjaer showed up but Mathias Tiger Holst said he got too drunk to join. We come next to Aarhus and you can’t join us you foolish danish drunkard! Bowl jam went on with some insane heel lip and indy disasters. Jules stalled the little curb next to the bowl and dropped back in. In the meantime, Martin landed that insane manual combo on the wooden bench. We went back to the street altogether but it started to rain and we had to finish the bunny hop contest inside a parking lot. Martin hopped over a kid before prizes were given. That jam was purely good times and we had plenty of fun with Helmeri and Lewis. A simple jam like we don’t see anymore since everything has to be showtime nowadays, sometimes small gatherings are the best.




At night, we went to the Hendenstend annual town party with roller coasters and beer where Anders looked like knowing a lot of girls. Hanging out with Mette was good fun. Helmeri got so funny playing with shot tubes and Lewis and Balth attempted and failed at getting some Danish blond girls.
On sunday, we visited the amazing « street mekka » which is an indoor skatepark in an abandonned railway station. Martin got so consistent at 270 backlips that he wouldn’t miss one. There are 2 indoor parts in that park and Jules hit the concrete bowl area with a nice noseblunt on the extension. Martin learnt 270 to 50-50 and then he killed it as usual. Things are not even funny anymore when everything is so clean and tech. What was funny on the other side was that crazy wallride Helmeri attempted inside the mekka! disaster wall from bank to wall was a blast. Finally everybody encouraged BigBalth at landing that alley oop downside double whip on the bank as we organized a giveway for the kid who had the most visible Wise and AJ Scooters stickers. Sandwitch kid of the day!




We had to go and catch our flight but it is with regret that we left Denmark… Oh yeah, one last story! We signed 1200 posters during the trip. And we used them as postcards for our families. At Frankfort airport, Balth had to post his, ran everywhere to find a stamp, was almost about to miss that flight which luckily was delayed. But the letterbox was out of the border control. So he had to convince the stewardess of posting it for him. What an adventure for a postcard but remember that family and friendship is what matters most. And scootering is our big family!
This was an amazing trip and we’ll definitely be back for some vert session with good rock music and more riding than driving! In August, the whole Wise team will be back in Oslo for a street camp with LSP and we’ll be at the Helsinki street jam the week after! Get ready