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Martin André

Martin André is a total shredder from the city of Lyon who manages to master all terrains from insane flat tricks to complex quarter pipes combos and endless rail balancing. Martin is the kind of rider who 360 triple whips flat for breakfast.
A bit of history, Martin was part of former Taravana wear where he used to have Cuv as a team mate. When Taravana drowned, Martin was a solid pick for the last French ID team managed by Franck Sarcy. Martin shocked everybody with his 360 whip to bars and 360 bar to whips that he mastered incredibly well since the beginning. He got in Wise back in 2012 after Cuv got in and ever since, he never ceased to impress everybody. He also joined the Authentique shop’s family. Authentique is a scooter shop created by Dissidence and it is the cradle of Lyon’s scooter community. Martin is a big fan of kendama, bagels and snooker. In 2014, he got quite involved in the Air Jam Summer camps dedicated to freestyle scootering and this explains why he’s stretching badly all the time. He definitely is a good teacher when it comes to teaching tricks to the younger folks. In 2016, Martin got his signature bars produced by the collaboration between Wise and Raw. This is a bar made for tall people like Martin.


  • Birthdate : 27/11/1995
  • Heigth: 1m92
  • Weight:  85kg
Rider profile

  • Other sponsors: Authentique
  • Started to ride: 2008
  • Nickname: Martouz
Prize list

  • Montreux 2017 Pro 1st
  • Montreux 2010 AM 2nd
  • Lard Battle V1 2013
  • Grenoble 2014 – 1st
  • Lyon AirJam Tour 2014 – 3rd

Favourite songs

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