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Antoine Delcampe

Toinou is more than a scooter rider. He loves to remind you that he’s a cabinet maker… an asset that can save you in many situations. So any work with wood you need, Antoine will be there to provide his services. Anyway he’s a crazy rider from the north of Paris. He comes from the same city as JD : L’Isle-Adam that they all like to name « LA » out there. His signature trick is the legsweep that he has nailed on several street spots so far including the 4 blocks of Bercy during the Dissidence street jam. A bit of history: Antoine entered in French ID when Balthazar formed a new team and then he got involved with Oxelo along with his mate Morgan Delhaye. Today, he’s riding for Wise and helps Dissidence a lot. Toinou lived in Nantes for two years where he was Jules’roomie, which definitely created a strong bound between both of them. If you take a look at his text messages and the way he likes to scream some specific words (such as « lard », « jump around »), you’ll understand the universe in which Toinou lives. Lately Toinou has been a peg shredder but the mystery is still unsolved: why does he ride such small bars despite his height… For the record, Antoine was among the first customers of the Dissidence ScooterShop Website… Toinou’s legacy will remain forever such as that time where he did an attempt to jump the 7 flat 8 set of Créteil with a truckdriver while shouting « jsuis un lard » while being in the air. This was an experiment worth trying!


  • Birthdate : 30/09/1993
  • Heigth: 1m95
  • Weight:  80kg

Rider profile

  • Other sponsors: Dissidence family / Raw
  • Started to ride: 2006
  • Nickname: Toinou

Prize list

  • Montreux 2008 AM (+15) – 2nd park
  • Jemmapes 2008 AM – 2nd park
  • Reuil Urban rider’s 2008 (-16) – 1st park
  • Reuil Urban rider’s 2009 – 1st park
  • Taverny 2009 – 1st park
  • Melun 2010 – 4th park
  • 100 contest Cergy 2010 – 3rd park
  • French Scooter Cup 2011 – 5th park

Favourite songs

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