• Community

    Wise team will always give you advice to land your trick or help you fix your scooter. We’ve all been that scooter kid once, don’t be shy and come share your tricks with us.

  • Origin

    Balthazar Neveu created Wise back in 2011 with no investors. Wise is completely managed by riders and we need you to keep going forward. Thanks for having supported Wise for the past few years.

  • quality

    All our parts are made from lightweight materials to offer maximum strength at reasonable prices. The parts are cautiously designed and then intensively tested by our team.

  • Creativity

    Wise is full of young riders with many skills such as video editing, photography or mechanical design. Together, we are building the brand image we all dreamt about when we were kids.

  • friendship

    Wise riders are not chosen for being trick machines but because they provide an excellent image to the brand thanks to our long time friendship. Great motivation always comes from a stimulating friendly environment for riding.

  • Team work

    Everyone in the team contributes to the project with his own skills. While working together on Wise, knowledge is well shared and everybody is excited about creating something new.